The Birth of 'The Queen of King Coffee'
As one of Vietnam's foremost talented female leaders, this marks Ms. Thao's first venture into releasing her autobiography. Through numerous ups and downs, the "female general" desires to recount her personal journey as a commemoration.
Simultaneously, it aims to provide insights to those intrigued by her extraordinary entrepreneurial journey. The book vividly portrays Ms. Thao as the architect of a significant transformation within the coffee industry. It heralds a revolution, propelling the "coffee king" brand to global heights.
She dedicated her entire life to introducing Vietnamese coffee to the international market, a space that predominantly acknowledged Robusta for decades. With the belief that they have yet to fully recognize the worth of this coffee bean, Ms. Thao persistently strives to enhance their awareness, enabling them to appreciate the richer flavors of Robusta coffee.


Ảnh minh họa
The female CEO is also the one who has brought numerous prestigious awards to the VIETNAMESE coffee industry.
Similar to the unique direction of developing her King Coffee brand, the publication 'The Queen of King Coffee' was initially released in English. However, in the near future, after captivating global readers, she plans to translate it into Vietnamese and several other languages.
Currently, the English version of 'The Queen of King Coffee' is available across global e-commerce systems on Amazon. Hopefully, if you're interested in business or the coffee industry, you won't overlook this fascinating book and gain further insights and highlights about it!



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