Vietnamese Robusta Coffee achieves world record: Big dream comes true

(DNTO) - Vietnam Robusta products have just been set a record by the World Records Union (WorldKings). Vietnam is the world's largest producer and exporter of Robusta coffee and the art of mixing and mixing. and the most unique and diverse culture of enjoying Robusta coffee in the world.

For many years, coffee has become the country's main export industry, especially Robusta coffee. Blessed by nature, Vietnam has become the country with the highest Robusta production in the world.

In 2020-2021 alone, domestic Robusta output reached more than 29,680 thousand tons, while Brazil had only more than 21,300 tons, leading the list of the 5 largest Robusta exporting countries in the world. However, Vietnamese coffee is not nearly as well known to the world.

Speaking at the announcement of the World Record for Vietnamese Robusta coffee on December 22, CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao of TNI King Coffee commented that the above reality is a sad thing.

"Vietnam's Robusta coffee export output occupies a quite important position, accounting for 40% of global output, sometimes even reaching 60-70%, ranking first and second in the world. However, no one mentions Robusta Vietnam. This paradox needs to be rearranged," she emphasized.

Last September, TNI King Coffee and Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) coordinated to nominate a World Record for Vietnamese Robusta coffee. A journey of many hardships and hardships to get today's results.

"We find all the accurate data, then filter it to present to the Vietnam Record Holders Association to agree to confirm the record for Robusta in Vietnam. After the product is confirmed in Vietnam, we continue continue to make an expanded dossier with more thoroughness and depth in categories, detailed and accurate data to send to the World Records Association. Accordingly, WorldKings will conduct a survey and take Only with the confirmation of coffee growing and exporting countries in the world can success be achieved today," Ms. Diep Thao shared.

The head of TNI King Coffee shared: "The most important thing is that you have a dream and a plan to execute it."

However, according to Ms. Thao, in order for the world to know Vietnamese Robusta more, the most important thing is that Vietnam needs to have a specific strategy, from the Government, ministries and branches to farmers, helping millions of farmers. People see the value of coffee beans, thereby improving the quality of domestic coffee.

Talking about plans in the near future, a representative of TNI King Coffee said that the business has many plans to conquer the world further. Specifically, initially the world will be divided into 7 regions, and based on these 7 regions, there will be an appropriate strategy to help Robusta coffee penetrate deeper with many new products.

A delicious cup of coffee needs a combination of Robusta and Arabica. However, currently, the world's Arabica supply is showing signs of shortage due to the increasingly harsh climate. Therefore, the mixing ratio between Robusta and Arabica will change according to new trends. Affirming the value of Vietnamese Robusta will be an important stepping stone to bring Vietnamese coffee further in the international arena.

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